Tiny Bear Adventure

Had fun making this little game past weekend. It was made during the 31st Ludum Dare with the theme “Entire Game on One Screen”. At first I tried making something else. But with no clear direction, halfway through, I got what I thought was a better idea – Tiny Bear Adventure. Basically, in this game, you just place tiles on the playing field and see how this bear with a sword and a shield moves to a random tile. It’s very random, yeah, but with a little more work, I actually see some potential in this silly little game. So I’ve decided I will try and work on this in the weekends to come.

Play Tiny Bear Adventure!.


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Last Mum Standing

This is Last Mum Standing, a game I made for the annual, third gameboy jam, which was held from the 1st to the 10th of August. It’s not really what I wanted it to be. I had some trouble with figuring out HaxePunk. But I managed to make a neat little game within the time limit.

In conjunction with HaxePunk, I used GraphicsGale for graphics and animations. Sounds were made with Korg DS-10 for Nintendo DS.

Play it on Game Jolt!


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Bumper Madness

During the last year of my previous education, IT Mediaproductions, I did my internship at a web design company called TiDi Graphics. During this period I made a game where you bump your way to the finish line. It was called Bumper Madness.

Note: The text in the game is Dutch.


Before I started developing this game, I barely had an understanding of game development. So I started learning Flash. Because TiDi is a web design company, I thought it might be suitable to build it with Flash. After some weeks I discovered this 3D engine for flash, called Papervision3D. I had some experience in using Blender, which came in very handy in making 3D assets as the one shown below.

Most of the assets of the game I made myself. Two sounds I downloaded from freesound.org, an excellent source to get your sound effects! Especially if you don’t have the resources or the time to create your own sounds. The other sound effects were created with my synthesizer – a Korg EMX. I made the graphics using Photoshop.

Sadly, this game has never seen the light of day… Until now! So go and beat that hiscore!

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