Tiny Bear Adventure

Had fun making this little game past weekend. It was made during the 31st Ludum Dare with the theme “Entire Game on One Screen”. At first I tried making something else. But with no clear direction, halfway through, I got what I thought was a better idea – Tiny Bear Adventure. Basically, in this game, you just place tiles on the playing field and see how this bear with a sword and a shield moves to a random tile. It’s very random, yeah, but with a little more work, I actually see some potential in this silly little game. So I’ve decided I will try and work on this in the weekends to come.

Play Tiny Bear Adventure!.


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Ludum Dare 27: Catch A Train

Pfew, that was tough, but fun! After 48 hours I made my first game for the 27th Ludum Dare – Catch A Train. First, I brainstormed about the theme – 10 seconds. And I came up with this simple, yet fun idea, where you try to catch this train in 10 seconds.

Brainstorm and sketch Catch A Train

The simple sketch I drew, shows the characters who will hold you from catching that train. But in the end I stuck to the idea to push your way through the mass of passengers who just came out of the train.

I only had 48 hours, so I used tools that I was familiar to (A lesson I’ve learned from the 7DRTS). I used the following two tools to build this game:

  • Flex SDK (4.6)
  • Gimp (2.8)
  • Wunderlist (to keep “track” of things :D)

I had some trouble with coding the physics of the game. Definitely something I need practice with. As I’d like to participate in future 48 hour competitions, I will learn some cool new tricks about physics.


If you like my game, please vote and/or comment on the entry page of Catch A Train. While your there, check out the other cool games!

Play Catch A Train!